Genuine Partnerships is a nationally recognised Rotherham-based team of parent carers, service practitioners and young people modelling, promoting and strengthening co-production and inclusion through their Four Cornerstones approach.

Welcome and Care
Value and Include
Work in Partnership

Developing and nurturing each of these to build


The team’s co-created and interactive training packages are tailor-made to suit organisational and local area needs. Training can be adapted* for practitioners in schools and settings, Health, Education and Care services, parent carers and young people.

Some of our training packages:
Strengthening Co-production Supporting local areas to bring partners together to better understand and implement co-production

The Listening Package – How we listen: developing the right skills to work effectively in partnership with children, young people and families

Appreciative Inquiry – Looking for nuggets and helping create heaps of gold: using positive psychology to build on personal and organisational strengths together in order to achieve dreams and agreed goals

THEO’S STORY – there’s another side to this! A case study emphasising the importance of really hearing and responding to the stories young people wish to share.

This list is not exhaustive! The team is happy to work with you on bespoke training to meet your needs.

*Training can be delivered virtually or face to face, dependent on your needs and preferences.

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Please ask about bespoke consultation and project work available.