Co-production is a particular way of working, unique to each context, and requires careful nurturing. You can’t simply plant one model of co-production and expect it to thrive, which is why it is so hard to replicate. But you’re not alone. Every local area has a responsibility under section 19 of the Children and Families Act 2014, and in considering their Ofsted / CQC joint local area inspection, to face this question.

The good news is that the Genuine Partnerships team can help by offering consultancy support and/or a range of other bespoke options to meet the needs of your local area.

Genuine Partnerships is a nationally recognised Rotherham-based team of parent carers, service practitioners and young people modelling, promoting and strengthening co-production and inclusion within local areas through their Four Cornerstones approach.

Welcome and Care
Value and Include
Work in Partnership

Developing and nurturing each of these to build


What difference will the Genuine Partnerships team make to your local area?

  • Better understanding of how well your local area is doing when it comes to co-production
  • Guidance in involving all key SEND partners, particularly parent carers and young people but also Education, Health and Care partners, in devising your co-production next steps action plan
  • Greater mutual understanding, strengthened relationships and more meaningful partnership working

Genuine Partnerships Consultancy is available, click here or contact us for more information or to ask about alternative bespoke options: email