How do I become a Charter School, College or Setting?

The Rotherham Charter team offer a process for building genuine, good quality partnerships between parents and carers, children and young people, schools, settings and colleges.

A tiered model has been created which supports you as a school, college or early years setting to evaluate your practice at a number of different levels.  Click here to view the model.

Make a start by using our simple Charter Friendly Check tool.  Your next step might be to attend our Charter First Steps two day training course, which is a great opportunity to find out more and begin your Rotherham Charter journey.  You also have the option to invest in our Charter Promise self-evaluation tool.

However, if you wish to demonstrate your genuine commitment to the four Charter principles, celebrate your best Charter practice and strive for Charter Gold then we would recommend our high quality package of support leading to Gold accreditation.

The package of support is inclusive of:

  • On-line Charter Promise self-evaluation tool
  • Training session for all staff
  • Regular consultations during the course of the process
  • Gathering feedback day (appreciative inquiry) followed by a detailed report that makes good practice explicit and helps with action planning
  • Access to termly user group sessions
  • Robust yet appreciative accreditation visit and follow up report
  • Invitation to the annual celebration event

Alternatively, most elements of the package can be commissioned separately.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Charter school, college or setting please contact us. For those interested in discussing investment in a package of support, a free Initial Enquiry Consultation can be arranged. This is a friendly meeting during which a Charter parent and practitioner will meet with a member of the leadership team, a parent governor (or equivalent) and a potential Charter Champion to discuss the process with you, the best options for your organisation, and answer any questions.