How can I get involved?

We are very keen for more parents and carers to find more out, and become involved in, the Rotherham Charter and Genuine Partnerships. If  you are interested, and share our positive and inclusive attitude, we would love you to come along to our FREE Welcome Package one day training course. Please contact Eva or Louise (details below) to find out more. They will talk with you about how you might like to become involved, and how your unique experiences and skills could contribute to the team. We always try to have a sensitive and supportive approach to suit all skills, needs and preferences. Everybody’s skills and strengths are valued.

The Welcome Package is a training session for anybody wishing to find more out about the Rotherham Charter and Genuine Partnerships. It is for parents/carers, young people together with practitioners from schools, settings and services. When you have completed the package you may  wish to  go on to access the Team Package, a next stage of training also accredited,  for those who would like to participate more fully in some of the Team’s activities. An accredited Team Leader Package is also available for those people who would eventually like to take on a team lead role within the Team.    Click here to find out more details.

If you would like to have a chat about any of these packages please call Eva on 01709 254793, Louise on 01709 296262 or contact us via email.

How much time will I be expected to commit?

This can be flexible and based on individual circumstances. We are very happy to discuss it with you personally. We hold termly Implementation Team meetings. These last about 2 hours during school time if you are available, helping to both keep you informed and support you in your role, whatever form that make take. Some parents and carers take on a voluntary role as and when they can, others make a more regular commitment. Whatever time a parent or carer can give, no matter how small, is always valued.

What am I am expected to do as a volunteer?

You can participate as much or as little as you like. There is no pressure or expectation for you to do anything with which you do not feel comfortable. The Welcome Package is free training which will give you an insight into the Team and how we work. There is equal partnership within the Team and we will always try to offer new members a buddy or mentor. Parents and carers who wish to join the team can go on to complete the accredited Team Package and shadow experienced team members to gain confidence. You may eventually wish to become a Parent Lead.

What is a Parent Lead?

A Parent Lead works in co-production with a Practitioner Lead to help deliver the implementation of the Charter process within schools, colleges, settings and services. Some Parent Leads may then wish to become a Team Leader and complete accredited training to prepare them for facilitating training and packages of support within organisations like schools and settings together with other members of the team.

Can I claim expenses?

All parental expenses can be claimed as set out in the parent Charter volunteer agreement. Some parents and carers who work for a charity such as Rotherham Parent Forum, or who are self-employed and take on a fuller role, for example, as Team Lead or equivalent, will be reimbursed at an agreed daily rate.